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Zerginwan Справедливо.
I just have recieved playtest materials. I read them and i can say only one thing — Dresden Lives useless for LARP.
I love FATE. I probably will run table-campaign with this book. But can't even imagine, how to play DL in Live-Action without reworking half of system.
It's simple — too much mechanics for LARP.
About skills:
When russian players play LARP, they don't opportunity athletic check to catch someone. They just run for their target. Using Thir legs, not stats. Why? Coz it's LARP, not tabletop. We need feelings of running. Not feeling of card-shuffling.
So, if i'll run game, i remove many skills from list. For example:
athletics (if someone gonna run — he maust run),
raport (when someone gonna talk — he must tlak, not shuffle his deck),
drive (you don't need drie, if you han't a car. You MUST get drive if you have a car. Unfair),
contacts (for flat-format. Good skill for city-games. Not for checking, but for starting contacts of another players),
crafts (hey! people must play, not seat and wait!),
empathy (you must chek people for that, not your skill, it's LARP),
investigate (you will get clue when you'll find it. Wanna play detective? Be a detective),
notice\stealth (for some games it will be good, for other — useless. Anyway, only supernatural ability can make character unspotted if its player was seen.)

Feeding (emotions) by provoke. Opposite check vs provoke, not vs will. That's strange, but i'll search later — may be someone discussed it already.

Now — invoking aspects.
Aspects in LARP, as i see it — simple way to show character's soul to its player. But when i will ask my players «can you invoke this aspect in this situation?», they will always answer «YES!», regardless of aspect and situation. Not everyone is so honest, as i'd like to see them. And when you are honest — you will lose to more unsporting player. You know it. You begin to play unfair. I don't want give to my players mechanics, that says «play dirty!» to them.
If i will run game, i'll remove invoke\compel system.

Thaumaturgy — very powerfull thing. Too much powerfull. Blasting rods? Hah. Uselessm when you have guns. Tracking and stealthing rituals — that's the power.
In my future game thaumaturgy will have very high target number, but special ingridients (fairy tale, ear of vampire, i don't know what else) will get also large bonuses for casting.

If i wrong — tell me.
Sorry for bad english =)
With great regards, Zerginwan.