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What do you mean, “game fiction?”
You’ll hear the phrase game fictionmentioned quite oen. People will say something like, “use the game fiction to decide.” is isn’t a secret code! Game fiction just refers to the established facts of the setting and situation. Are stone golems immune to flame in your world? Did the player just say that his character is holding on to the staff with both hands, not one? ose are both part of the game fiction- they’re things that the
characters know to be true about the world. My character sheet says I have a Strength of 15, but that’s not game fiction, that’s just rules. When I described my Ranger’s bulky, rippling muscles, that’s game fiction. is matters in Dungeon World because it’s the ficton that triggers moves. If I tell the GM that my Ranger is threatening the mousy clerk, then the GM might recall those rippling muscles I described from earlier and
have the clerk be rightfully scared, no roll at all. In some games, “you slash his
leg” might just be flavor text, but in Dungeon World that leg might be injured
now. It matters here. When in doubt, look to your established game fiction first to see what makes sense. If the rulebook says something that contradicts the game world as you all imagine it, rule in favor of your game fiction rather than strictly following the text.
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