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А отсутствие подгонки временной линии под действия игроков, когда персонажи могут опоздать на «критично важное для развития сюжета» заседание культистов Ктулхи из-за недостаточной внимательности к бубнежу и графомании мастерка, это мудачество, глупость или хорошо зделано, умно?

К слову, вспоминая Гигакса и описание того, как он водил — именно что образец старой школы). Так что не могу сказать, хорошо это или плохо, но в духе старой школы!

Mike gave a fascinating account of a typical early D&D game, with a peculiar detail that I’d never heard before. Gary never used maps or minis: maps and minis were Dave Arneson’s thing. Gary ran games in his office, which was provided with chairs, a couch, and file cabinets. While playing, Gary would open the drawers of the file cabinet and sit behind them so that the players COULD NOT SEE HIM. They only experienced the Dungeon Master as a disembodied voice.

During games, cross-talk was discouraged: the party caller did most of the talking, and other players only talked if they had something to contribute. If the players chattered too much, they’d miss what the Disembodied Voice was saying, and that would be, as Mike put it, “suicide”. “You could feel the tension in the room,” he added.

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