Придумайте заголовок к этому топику сами

Дошли таки мои руки (и глаза, куда ж без них) прочитать вторую редакцию Mage: the Awakening, а в ней я встретил нижеследующую жемчужину игрового дизайна, которую не могу не процитировать:

Abyssal magic comes in three broad forms. Many only practice one form, while others use all of them to enhance their spells.

A mage can deliberately infect his spells with Paradox, increasing their power. No Order would admit the fact, but any mage can
invite Paradox into his spells. Many only learn how through hidden writings or the suggestions of others who have managed
the feat. Though he unleashes Paradoxes on the world, the rush of power is addictive. Some cabals believe in rehabilitating mages who attempt this kind of Abyssal magic, as a user can choose not to — but after a while, that’s like saying an alcoholic can just choose not to drink.

Other Scelesti turn their backs on their Watchtowers and on the Supernal entirely. The Abyss is the antithesis of everything,
and that includes the central pillars of the Supernal. Such a Scelestus must abase himself before an Abyssal Ziggurat, which
twists his Path into the opposite of what it once was. Though it warps his Path Yantras and Oblations, he gains a measure of
control over Paradox in return.

The third kind of Scelesti make bargains with the astral reflection of the Abyss, communing with it directly and bargaining
for command over Paradox. Though he gives his soul over to the Abyss, he becomes a conduit for Paradox into the Fallen
World. He can twist another mage’s spells against her, or infect them with Paradox without her knowledge.


Any mage can invite Paradox into a spell, though doing so is highly addictive… He doesn’t contest the Paradox roll for a
casting, but rolls Gnosis. Each success allows him to control one Reach applied by the Paradox roll. Scelesti who bargain
with Abyssal beings gain more control over the Paradox pool, but the details are up to the Storyteller.
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