Рон Эдвардс наконец-то признался в том, откуда он берёт свои игры. И ему самому, и Винсенту Бейкеру их нашёптывает на ухо дьявол:

А вообще довольно интересное интервью, да.

Как он сам всё объяснил

Не вполне дословно, но по смыслу точно:

«If you want your game to catch on, to dominate conversation, what you need first is to design and present it in such a way that 5% maybe 10% of your audience will hate it so much they will never shut up about it».

«You also want maybe one third of your audience to understand your game straight out, just from reading the book. And then maybe another third to whom the understanding will come the hard way, through asking questions, and posting
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before it was weird

AD&D 1st ed. PHB (1978), p. 100:


Level: 7
Components: V, S, M
Range: 0
Casting Time: 7 segments
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: The Illusionist

Explanation/Description: As such time as the illusionist wishes to gain supernatural guidance, he or she casts a vision spell, calling upon whatever power he or she desires aid from, and asking the question for which a vision is to be given to answer. Two six-sided dice are rolled. If they total 2 to 6, she power is annoyed and will cause she illusionist, by ultra-powerful geas or quest, to do some service, and no question will be answered. If the dice total 7 to 9, the power is indifferent, and some minor vision, possibly unrelated to the question, will be given. A score of 10 or better indicates the vision is granted.
Note that the material component of the spell is the sacrifice of something valued by the spell caster and/or by the power supplicated. The more precious the sacrifice, the better the chance of spell success, for a very precious item will give a bonus of +1 on the dice, one that is extremely precious will add +2, and a priceless/nonesuch will add +3.

Ох уж мне эти лёгкие нарративистские инди-системы...

Вот так выглядит блок-схема механики броска в Dogs in the Vineyard:

Неплохо было бы к воскресенью нарисовать аналогичную шпаргалку для Skulduggery. Там схема получится сравнимых размеров. А что, лёгкая казуальная игра для расслабленных ваншотов, бла-бла-бла, спасибо, мистер Робин Лоуз.

P.S.: Кстати, что DitV, что Skulduggery, что Exchange своей механикой неизменно вызывают у меня воспоминания о вечерних прогулках по Марракешу.

np: Fred Frith — «Thea und Nat»