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AD&D 1st ed. PHB (1978), p. 100:


Level: 7
Components: V, S, M
Range: 0
Casting Time: 7 segments
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: The Illusionist

Explanation/Description: As such time as the illusionist wishes to gain supernatural guidance, he or she casts a vision spell, calling upon whatever power he or she desires aid from, and asking the question for which a vision is to be given to answer. Two six-sided dice are rolled. If they total 2 to 6, she power is annoyed and will cause she illusionist, by ultra-powerful geas or quest, to do some service, and no question will be answered. If the dice total 7 to 9, the power is indifferent, and some minor vision, possibly unrelated to the question, will be given. A score of 10 or better indicates the vision is granted.
Note that the material component of the spell is the sacrifice of something valued by the spell caster and/or by the power supplicated. The more precious the sacrifice, the better the chance of spell success, for a very precious item will give a bonus of +1 on the dice, one that is extremely precious will add +2, and a priceless/nonesuch will add +3.

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иллюзионисты адынды бросали 2d6 до того как это стало мейнстримом))
хуже того: они открывали своё сознание психическому нечто до того, как это стало мальстрёмом!
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