30 Examples of 7-9 Hack and Slash (actually 10)

На G+ попросили транскрипты боя в Dungeon World, автора особенно интересовало как работает 7-9 в ходе Hack and Slash. Сейдж ЛаТорра написал десять примеров из реальных игр, а также дополнил их последующими событиями.

Player: I swing my mace down on the goblin like a hammer. Look like an 8
GM: So you smash him, deal your damage, but he grabs your arm as you do and you feel a needle concealed on his hand dig into you flesh. It feels like your muscles all want to dance off in different directions, defy danger to stay standing.
Commentary: I think the played the roll and died at the hands of another goblin with spasaming? Or maybe they lived for a bit, can't recall exactly.

Player: I charge the orc! That's a 7.
GM: As swing high he gets under your shield and his cleaver digs into your leg for d6 damage. How much damage do you do to him?
Commentary: Player took some damage but kept on fighting.

Player: I run him through with my spear. 9!
GM: You spear goes through his clay-like flesh, roll your damage, but once it's in it sticks and the golem smashes his fists down on it, cracking it in half. He's still got the spear stuck in him, what do you do?
Commentary: The wiazrd stepped in to save him, and eventually they got the golem into a river where it became like a mud golem river spirit thing.

Player: I parry and then take the opening to swing for the head. Ouch, 7.
GM: Roll your damage. She rolls with the blow and takes the opportunity to take the higher ground, she's got her blade to your chest and says quietly «Stand down or die.»
Commentary: The player decided they didn't stand a chance of getting away without being killed, so they stood down and negotiated. The situation was kind of a «two teams of thieves with the same goal clash» thing, so they worked out a plan and worked together.

Player: I swing by big metal fist at it. 7, and 6 damage.
GM: That'll kill it, but the snake coils around your fist as it dies, like a sausage smashed to pieces, and now the tiger in the woods smells a meal. On you. What do you do?
Commentary: The druid managed to talk the other beasts down, and they eventually used the beasts as allies against the forgotten temple.

Player: I bite it and do the cat death shake thing. 9, with 4 damage.
GM: Yeah, it's just a magic rat, that takes it out. Your cat fangs dig into it, but as you do it's scratching all over your face. d4 damage, and you're Confused (-1 Wis) as the blood fills your eyes and you can barely see.
Commentary: I really don't recall, sorry.

Player: I sweep the legs. 7, damn.
GM: You get his left leg, but he swings his right around and locks your leg, bringing you down with him. Deal your damage, and you're now both laying on the ground, grappling.
Commentary: This was a hell of a fight, with lots of changes of position, on a rooftop. It ended when the player managed to use the other combatant as a pad for their fall off the roof and crushed them.

Player: I fake high, then go for the gut with my dagger. Oh no, 8.
GM: She goes for the fake, you get under her guard, deal your damage, But with her big bulky shield up high she brings it back down on your just a moment to fast before you can pull back, and brings you to the ground. You're face down and surely her mace is about to come down on you. What do you do?
Commentary: The player defied danger to get out of the way in time and the archer covered their escape.

Player: I try to keep the pseudopod at bay with my spear, taking an opening when I get it to stab.
GM: Sounds like a melee to me. Roll hack and slash.
Player: 9
GM: You keep it at bay and eventually get a good shot in, but it grabs your spear as you do and yanks it. Do you drop it or get pulled in close?
Commentary: They stuck with the spear, since they'd already lost a weapon, and went on a psuedopod-wrangling ride that I think they survived. I know that pseudopod at least brought someone a meeting with Death, but I can't remember the outcome.

Player: I whack it with my hammer. 7, 9 damage.
GM: Woah! Well, as you smash it you get in close and the thing explodes on your with a bloody pop. Most of the blood gets right on you, like it wants to cover you with gore, but the bits that splatter into the torch burst into little explosions of flame. You're covered with flammable blood and the sorcerer gets this wicked grin and starts chanting up a fire spell.
#Commentary: The player thought they could just take the burns, but died trying to charge the sorcerer.

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and now the tiger in the woods smells a meal
Вот этот пример не надо было наверное приводить.
and now the bear in the woods smells a meal
Я так понимаю, тигр там не из далеких джунлей пришел, а был рядом, раз друид стал в итоге успокаивать других животных. Собственно, можно смело спросить Сейджа, вот здесь.
Вот еще пример

Okay +Nate McD I'm a sucker I transcribed Adam running it.

Adam: Alright, so, uh, Leo you're going to roll hack and slash, so roll plus your strength. Lyzel you're going to roll plus bonds that you have with Leo.

Leo: Seven

Adam: Okay

Lyzel: I have one bond so 2d6 plus 1?

Adam: Uh, yeah, if you have one bond.

Lyzel: Yeah. 8!

Adam: Okay, so, uh, he's already got a 7 so you can't bump him any higher… you can't get him past a 9 anyway. Um, so, he stays at a 7 and you get to share in whatever like the bad thing that happens to him. Uh okay.

Lyzel: Okay

Adam: Leo you get to deal your damage. I think the blood-gouting hemo-goblin jumps on you and he's just sort of like spraying blood all over you trying to knock you to the ground.

Leo: Seven

Adam: Nice, okay. So he's on you, you kill him with this attack. How do you kill him? Describe it, describe it for me.

Leo: Uh, well, uh, it's an antibody attack…

Everyone: laughter

Leo: ...so I slice it in half until there's no more body.

Adam: Kay. Anti-Body.He'll lock you up in a white cell for the rest…

Leo: So bad, I just had to it, that was the worst.

Adam: So, yeah, there's just so many bad blood puns. I'm sure that somewhere under the dungeon there's a palace with the white cells and the red cells.

Leo: I've been trying to think of a plasma one but I can't.

Adam: That's that's the priest's weapons: plasma cannons.

Lyzel: that's a good GM nerd out.

Adam: Alright, so, uh, while you're killing him, while you're cutting him up his last effort is to slash you with his talons, um, so roll, um, a d6, ignores armor, take that much damage Leo.

Damn, I started transcribing before I knew where he was going with that one! Not the most interesting, but that's the point: just do what's obvious. You don't have to come up with Super Awesome 7-9 stuff. In fact you shouldn't be stretching for it. 7-9 just means they do whatever they'd do to hurt you or get what they want.
Not really seeing how second player is sharing the bad stuff leo is struck with.
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