Цирк уродов или источник вдохновения для создания Носферату.

ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Пост имеет специфическое содержание и не понравится вам, если вы чувствительны к подробному текстовому описанию уродств.

Небольшое вступление. Я давно не водил Мир Тьмы и начав водить после длительного перерыва увлекся созданием различных вампирских городов и обществ собратьев в них.

Естественно моя фантазия не безгранична и на 50...100… и т.д. вампирах начинает буксовать и вызывать во мне отвращение своей однообразностью. Особенно это касается Носферату. Если для остальных кланов, я подобрал источники вдохновения и в случае ступора, пользуюсь разными рандомными генераторами, то придумывать разнообразные уродства (или найти источник вдохновения для них) оказалось несколько сложнее.

В результате я порылся по разным ролевым книжкам и собрал оттуда список разных уродств, чтобы использовать его в качестве рандомного генератора. Ну и чтобы оно не пропадало — делюсь :)

Если кто-то знает еще интересных списков которые я пропустил и/или просто хочет поучаствовать в придумывании монстров и чудовищ, буду рад вас видеть в комментариях. Я буду переписывать и расширять список по мере пополнения.

60 уродств клана Носферату

Список сейчас сделан по больщей части при помощи копирования и вставки. Поэтому он на английском и не адаптирован под вампиров, в нем могут встречаться "бьющиеся сердца" и "дыхание" и прочие атавизмы смертной жизни, но если он будет востребован я его переделаю.

Clanbook Nosferatu (Vampire the Requiem)
  1. Rings of corpse-fat around neck
  2. His eyes sit nested in the hollows of his head like black buttons worn on a doll’s face, and wherever you go, these dark pits seem to follow your every move.”
  3. Each movement punctuated with a wet popping of bone
  4. Her movements accompanied by the whiff of rotting flowers
  5. She is without hair and fingernails
  6. Half her teeth rotted out of her head while the other half has grown longer by a half-inch or so, turning from faint yellow to an almost perfect white
  7. Character moves with eerie, sweeping grace or perhaps with egregious movements (a neck that turns too far, joints that bend both ways, limbs that grow and stretch too long)
  8. The voice might be shrill, deep, warbling, or just a susurration like hissing steam
  9. The eyeballs too big for the lids to sufficiently close upon them
  10. The smell might be pleasant, too pleasant: pungent honey, dizzying flowers, the sickly sweet smell of a room full of candy. Maybe it’s not that pleasant at all: a miasma of death, a chemical brine, the whiff of burning plastic.
  11. Cleft palate with tongue whose taste buds look more like a cheese grater
  12. His tongue; it’s covered in fleshy threads, as if each taste bud stood up a quarter-inch to see what might be going on in the back of the throat. Like moles or tags of skin. It modifies his speech, but not by much; it is not an impediment so much as a persistent shushing hiss in his words.
Warhammer 40k
  1. The character’s body is fused with that of a beast, creating a bizarre hybrid
  2. The character takes on the characteristics of a feral bull, his face elongating to accommodate great horns and his skin growing a leathery texture.
  3. The character’s features become disturbingly snakelike, his tongue becomes long and sinuous, and his skin becomes smooth and hard.
  4. The character’s features begin to resemble those of a slug, his mouth becomes lamprey-like, and his skin oozes foul slime.
  5. The character’s body becomes bird-like, his legs becoming back-jointed while his jaw and nose fuse and stretch to become a sharp beak.
  6. Some of the character’s bone tissue dissolves into his blood stream, weakening him while at the same time making his body more flexible. There are those who may be disgusted with his constantly shifting features.
  7. The character sprouts a set of horns over the body.
  8. The character’s hands is replaced by crab claws
  9. The character’s belly swells with fetid corpse gas, his entrails pushing horribly through the distended rupture.
  10. The character gains an additional arm, disformed and disfigured
  11. The character’s frame withers until he is all but skeletal and he becomes weak and frail.
  12. The character’s eyes extend out of their sockets and wave above his head on elongated stalks.
  13. The character’s features fade away to nothing, leaving him without eyes, nose, or mouth.
  14. The character’s flesh swells and distorts, muscle turning to blubber before his very eyes and expanding until he is two or three times his previous mass.
  15. Character’s head to shrink into his shoulders, until his features are merged into his upper chest
  16. A man’s innards to burst through his flesh so that his body appears clothed in a hideous skin of glistening organs
  17. The character suffering from a strange walk—from a minor change in proportions to an acute imbalance of the mind. This may result in the character gaining a disturbing gait, perhaps appearing to slide across the ground, or something more debilitating, such as a crabwise shuffle or a rigid, straight-legged march.
  18. The character suffers from numerous minor tics, shakes and tremors
  19. Beneath the mutants’ skin a horrible transformation has taken place, exchanging living organs for writhing creatures and blood for ichorous, maggot-ridden filth.
  20. The mutant’s lower limbs have fused together to form a worm or snake-like tail.
  21. The mutant’s hands fuse into slab-like appendages.
  22. The mutant is physically powerful, with deformed masses of slab-like muscle.
  23. Your limbs have extra joints that articulate differently to a normal human.
  24. You are extremely tall and painfully thin
  25. Your skin is pale, marbled with veins and completely without hair
  26. Your body is withered, your flesh hanging loosely from your bones.
  27. You have membranes of skin between your limbs and digits and your skin sags in folds from your flesh
  28. Your face is devoid of human features, your nose is nothing but a pair of slits, your ears are small holes, your eyes are unblinking.
  29. The bones of your fingers have grown and hardened into talons.
Hell on the Earth
  1. Your hero thick, balloon-like veins and a supernaturally fast heart rate. If he ever takes a maiming wound to a limb, it literally explodes like a blood sausage,
  2. Your character’s body is decaying rapidly with something like leprosy. Sometimes he loses some small piece of his body, such as a finger, a toe, a bit of ear, or so forth.
  3. Radiation stripped the hero’s flesh nearly to the bone and yet left him living. His skin is a thin, translucent layer surrounding his bones, making him look like little more than a walking skeleton.
  4. The hero has shrunk down to a stubby, wide, dwarf-sized being.
  5. Thick, greasy black fur covers the mutie’s body. His head has transformed into something resembling a vulture: his jaw is long and beak-like, his head is bald, and his ears are just holes on the side of his head.
  6. Strange slits cover the character’s body, releasing noxious green gas into the air each time he breathes.
  7. Your hero’s bones have grown too big for his body. They poke through the skin at various places like the shoulders, wrists, elbows, hips, knees, and anywhere else the Marshal specifies.
  8. A carpet of five-inch-long tendrils covers your hero’s entire body. These tendrils sway and move of their own accord and grow quite agitated whenever they are near someone who is dying or in danger of succumbing to death.
  9. The skin on your hero’s face has grown thin and almost completely transparent, leaving his skull and eyes beneath exposed to view.
  10. Constant exposure has caused the flesh on his face to run like melted wax.
  11. Strange bumps cover your character’s entire body. Whenever he is within 20 yards of someone who’s dying, the bumps open up to reveal tiny, toothless mouths which cry out for the souls of the dead.
  12. Your character’s fingers have grown monstrously long—at least 10 inches—and the tips of them end in little suckers like on a squid’s tentacles.
  13. The character has no mouth at all, just an area of smoothed-over skin. This not only means he can’t talk, but he can’t eat either. Fortunately, there’s a great, gaping maw in the mutie’s belly.
  14. Mutation has softened and elongated the mutie’s limbs so that instead of arms and legs he has what amount to tentacles.
  15. Your hero has grown another head, not next to the one he already has, but behind it, coming out of the top of his back. This head can eat, talk, and bite, but it doesn’t have much of a
  16. brain. It does tend to talk a lot, mostly screaming babble and obscenities.
  17. Blood constantly oozes from your hero’s skin and as a result of some cruel twist of fate it gives off very strong scents, and all of them smell delicious.
  18. Someone might mistake your hero for a green porcupine. Five-inch-long, rigid, brittle quills cover his body. Forget about sex.
  19. The hero has an extra pair of mouths, all the better for eating with. These mouths happen to be located in the palms of his hands

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The hero has an extra pair of mouths, all the better for eating with. These mouths happen to be located in the palms of his hands
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