Шипы и Башня - Эдинбург в Мире Тьмы

Когда-то я (разумеется с товарищем Зохри) планировали сделать кроссоверную игру между CtL и MtAw, основанную на случайно брошенной мной фразе в запале дискуссии и втором самом красивом городе мира.
Игра не взлетела — мы зависли в деталях и не нашли вдохновения, но сегодня я наткнулся на сеттинг и понял что я был гениален а сеттинг — офигенен. Ну, та его часть которая написанна как минимум.
Поэтому решил его сюда запостить, что бы поделится с людьми тем что я когда-то написал.
Как всегда — я не умею в оригинальные идеи, так что туда наворованно все что плохо лежит. Кто заметил все отсылки — молодец.

Knowledge and Power. What is known to the Wise
Edinburgh has boasted a strong magical tradition since time immemorial. magi has always gathered in unreachable In highlands, stealing lighting from high Scottish skies and burrowing for secrets and Pict mead down to the mountain core.
It was here where Myriddin made his alliance with Faerie and Hell alike to battle the Roman hordes and keep the legions bolstered with undead at bay. It was on Arthur’s Seat where the Once and Forever King was crowned, and some say — buried.
However, those days of glory and miracles have long since passed, leaving naught but tales and daydreams.

Today, the Magi of the Highlands are as fractured and self-minded as they have ever been.

The city is ruled by Hierarch, a self-obsessed man whose power in Fate and Time magic are unrivaled, letting him ignore voices of reason and mercy in equal measure.
It is sheer luck that he seems to be uninterested in the life or works of his subjects leaving matters of the world to his assistants and the Consilium, until some matters catches his fancy, and when it does no one and no thing will stop him.
It is said that he has killed a Dragon and consumed its heart for power or that he found secrets that rival Imperial mysteries in the notes of Merlin himself. Others yet are convinced that he made a deal with some Power or other that grants him abilities beyond those of the Awakened. And while no one knows for sure what the source of his power is, his skill is only rivaled by his hubris in the use of the Art.

Aside from Rakdos, his always-present Provost, the matters of the community are handled by The JudgesMinos, Aeacus and Rhadamanthus, whose names have been passed down generations since time immemorial, their faces unknown to any living mage.
Minos is the Hound of Lex Magica. He is the one most likely to be seen by the rank and file of the Awakened giving orders, requesting and giving assistance, listening to grievance and bringing offenders to the Law.
No one knows what he looks like, his features vanishing from the minds eye as soon as he leaves the sight, yet he always seems to know everybody’s secrets, as is fit for a Mastigos
Aeacus is the Judge, representing the Мoros. When matters have to be brought to harmony and offence balanced with the punishment it is he who presides over the hearing quoting the precedent and summoning ghosts and spirits as witnesses. He is the referee and master of the Duel Arcane, watching over martial disputes as well as legal.
When seen on official business his black robes conceal his whole body leaving nothing to the eyes and he is yet to be seen — or recognized outside his work.
Rhadamanthus is the Executioner. His face, covered by the featureless mask embroidered with the “Justice” glyph, and the yellow silk rope are the last sights of many a mage.
He stands for no one but the Void, and as such, no mage may address or acknowledge him, by law and by custom.

Outside the “official” court, only two other powers worth naming remain.
First of them is Herne, the Thyrsian hunter.The Adamantine Arrow bows to him as the supreme warrior and leader and he, in turn, leads them in peace, war and hunt.
His body is the perfect weapon, tattoos and scars of mystic significance covering each centimeter of his skin, his form perfect and his instinct honed to razors edge and he expects no less from any who would call themselves a warrior of Atlantis, oftentimes requiring initiates to hunt and kill beasts with no weapons or tools to prove their mettle.
He makes his lair in The Wild Hunt hunting club where any Adamantine Arrow or ally thereof can become a member — many a mage use this minor boon to legally obtain some firepower, and practice their shooting skills.

As a beast should, he is the only one to lock horns with Hierarch, but so far the latter proved superior and even more ferocious than even the ultimate hunter, causing Herne to acknowledge the authority and yield his best apprentice to the Hierarch to boot.

Free Council wants nothing to do with city politics, and thus they reside as far away as they could get without having to join another territory.
The headquarters of the Council are in based in the Napier University in the far southwest of the city, where main magi work as staff or students of the University or many other educational establishments located in the Council territory. This has kept them outside of focus of Hierarch attention, and gave them some measure of independence, which they used to form a rather free and progressive society by Awakened standards, presided, but in no way ruled by the Donlan couple. With Katja Donlan being the dean of the University and her Provost and husband Donald Donlan tenured professor, they have a bit of authority to help out novice magi who choose to live on campus — starting from accommodation and scholarships, up to covering up some of more innocent shenanigans. They finish the full Pentacle of Consilium, standing tall, and raising their voices as befits the Obrimos.
Free Council in general acknowledges all the Great Rights save the Nemesis and Emeritus.

Any mage in need may claim Hospitality of the Guardians of the Ghetto. Situated in the Niddre, the worst area Edinburgh has to offer, academics and humanitarians of Mysterium use knowledge and power they inherited from their mentors to alleviate human suffering and help their fellow humans.

Unlike them the Whitecrest Cabal, combines under aegis of Silver Ladder only those of Mastigos and Obrimos who seek power and control over Sleepers, for selfish or altruistic needs.
They control the center of the city, and barely accept the Right of Crossing, much less Hospitality, forbidding any magics on their territory under the threat of Nemesis.

Those that need a little things to make their magic work are welcome to The Gamers Cave, where some smaller items (as well as comic and RPG merchandise) can be freely bought and occasionally sold in the part of the shop closed to casual observer. The sole proprietor of the shop — Doyle Ellis, while not personally a magician of significant power, enjoys goodwill of both Mysterium and Free Council and thus he can afford to allow any paying customer to enjoy Rights of Crossing and Hospitality in his single-house territory. Those that come within the shop under the sword of Nemesis, however, will have to restrain their enmity or settle it in the back with a proper Duel Arcane.

Anarchists and Revolutionaries, hopeless romantics and violent criminals gather in a Celtic Cross cabal, united together in their hatred of authority. Should they ever decide whom they hate the most — be it Big Government, Exarchs, Hierarch, Jews or Englishmen, they would present a significant force, but so far, without a strong leader, they are limited to actions of protest, peaceful and otherwise.
They acknowledge no Rights and make no promises which leaves them little better than Banishers in the eyes of other inhabitants of Awakened Edinburgh, yet anyone that comes to their meeting place will be able to leave unharmed and unmolested — a condition necessary to allow the members of cabal to even speak to each other without violence.

There are many more Cabals and groups that hold the loose Awakened society together — from Theatre of Shadows that imitates Sacred through mundane art of theater and masks to the Plague Doctors that peer into death's eyes, eating ghosts and raising the dead in their quest for knowledge, but they are too numerous to list.

Voice of the Land — what you hear on the streets.

  • Some believe that Judges are not in fact a legacy positions, but the same people that have somehow unlocked (or were granted by Archmage) a secret to eternal life. Some even claim that they are Tremere, drinking souls of the condemned magi to prolong their lives, and arranging for a suitable convicts whenever they run dry. Despite profound lack of evidence (and in fact some evidence to the opposite) this rumor tends to rise now and then, especially when an unpopular decision is made.

Sub Rosa. Things Lost and Secret

Highlands of Scotland have always been rife with Fairies and consequently — Changelings.
Here, in the lone settlements, scattered through the high mountains it was easy to get lost, and no one could hear you cry for help.
Aen Sidhe abducted the golden-haired children from their cradles, leaving behind crude similes woven from rags and twigs. Slua and Banshee stole the dead and the dying for their carnivals of undead servants. Leanan Sidhe took the inspired and the gifted, returning only their burned-out husks. Tuatha De Danaan and Fir Bolg walked amongst humans as gods.

It is said that only the True King wielding the fabled sword had been able to hold the Gentry at bay, and that it is only the pact his sorcerer made with Hedge and Arcadia itself that has let humans be free, and Changelings to leave without fear of their old masters coming back to claim them. The golden era of Camelot and magic did not last long however, soon destroyed by Morgan LaFey, who is said, by changelings to be a loyalist, bolstered by her Fairy Keeper to destroy the True King.

Whether stories are true or not, those times are long past, and while most of humans are blissfully unaware, the Gentry are back on the lookout for victims to steal and fear and desperation rule the streets.

Autumn is strong in Edinburgh, and their leader is Queen Margaret, called by her enemies Margaret LeFay rules the city with wile and ruthlessness befit her namesake, stopping the turn of seasons for the second year in the row.
Her enforcers are the Hounds Pack, an elite group of Hunterheart Beastlings each capable of full beast transformation, merciless and cruel in their pursuits.
The Council of Worms while not entirely beholden to Autumn is still under Margaret's control. Through protection, threats and gifts she has gained an exclusive access to the augur’s divinations, that give her unique insight and foresight into her enemies plans, even though many of the Worms are distinctly unhappy with this arrangement.
The Autumn is not, however just fear and fangs. It is also the time of harvest and a place of mystery, and the Queen provides for both.

Winter is broken, two rulers vying for the Winter Crown. First is the Raven King, a hard-core survivalist and paranoiac, who gathers those who live in eternal fear of the Gentry. A dozen of his carefully chosen subjects create the sanctuaries and bolt-holes, pack and repack survival gear and false documents, ready to run, hide or fight at any provocation. None know his looks or even his Kith or Seeming, only that he is the Unbidden Lord, carrying full power of Eternal Winter on his wings.

The other part of the Court answers to a Rat King who appeals to the less hardcore, those who fear but yet have hope for normal lives. He facilitates exchanges of services and information amongst his subjects and provides safe houses and new identities when needed at a price — in oaths and loyalty.
He carries a Mantle equal to that of the Raven, but his weapon is Sorrow rather than Eternal Cold, and he dubs himself but Onyx Thane, lacking the arrogance and knowledge of his rival.

With the coming winter, both Raven and Rat would love to rip the Crown of Courts out of Autumn Queens hands, but while the winter is divided, it will not come to pass.

They say Isaac “Ice” Ingerberg is Rat Kings right-hand man. As is usual with the Winter, no one can really be sure about that, but a lot of people know that this Wizened guy is the go-to Changeling for computer things. If you want some online information to disappear or to access something you have no business to know — he can do it, for a price. Occasionally, if he is low on funds, or if there is a new cool toy on the market he may take the cash, but his usual price is information. Apparently he also never leaves his room, so a Chinese takeaway offering might butter him up somewhat.

Ebnezar “Ebony Skin” Skyne is a large, quiet guy, working as a private eye in the slums of the City. Despite his more than huge size, befitting an elephantine Broadback he never seems threatening, and everybody knows that it takes serious effort to make him go violent.
His main selling point are his ties to the disenfranchised of the city, especially the St Andrews Indian community.
While he tends to avoid other changeling clients, he is usually a decent bet if you want something or someone found amongst the lowlifes and the bums.

Where Winter has two leaders, Spring has none. No one knows a reason for it, yet Spring-inclined Changeling are the ones most likely to go crazy, one way or the other.

Jenny Green embodies what Spring Court is about. She is drop-dead gorgeous, rich and mildly famous. She parties several times per week on her yacht at the docks, collecting hordes of hangers-on, sugar daddies and fans, and viciously defends her position as a beauty queen.

Mike Alderman of the Safe Harbor Society collects those who wish to overcome their fears and get over their experiences through camaraderie and mutual support. The group gathers anonymously every second Tuesday, and accepts not only Changelings but all of those who have survived a traumatic experience that they dare not discuss outside. Sure, some of them may be crazies or poseurs, talking about alien abductions, ghosts or undead, but perhaps those were just Gentry abductions gone wrong or maybe some other form of horror stalking the streets of the city.
Everyone there can talk about his problems and expect to be heard and sympathized with — if not necessarily believed.
Leanne Willis, a Wizened old lady, whom some may recognize as a __ leads the group meetings, keeps the minutes and provides for place, coffee and donuts bought on members donations, while a Summer Ogre who calls himself Butch serves as a bouncer, screening the entrants and looking out for the trouble.

The Downshifters — the outcasts and the shattered gather in the Niddre, where life and rent are cheap, drowning their fears in casual sex, drug stupor and occasional violence.


They speak still of the past king, Arthur Samwell, his might in battle, fierceness with friends and his horrible betrayal… even if those rumors differ wildly.

John Orkney, a Fairest Changeling tries to order the Summer. However, it is no secret that though Mantle of Summer adorns his shoulders, he is beholden to Autumn at least as much, if not more. Nonetheless his great stature and martial prowess has earned him a couple of dozen of more war-minded followers. And while he does talk the talk and occasionally walks the walk, he is neither a great leader of men nor a deep thinker, and thus presents little if any hope of actually ever winning over the rest of Summer.
Night Watch (a.k.a. Knights of the Round Desks) are a summer-beholden paramilitary group. They patrol the neighborhoods in shifts, looking out for signs of hobgoblins, Gentry or just shady characters. They are quite trigger-happy, occasionally jumping a suspicious-looking alcoholic, bum or a pair of queers — all for the sake of safety and security of course.

Father Connelly raves, rants and rallies a support against all things Faye in the local parish. While no Changeling is a fan of Gentry and Arcadia, he is still too radical to most, and is considered a freak and a lunatic.

Whispers in the Shadows — what you hear on the streets.
  • One of the more vile rumours is that Margaret tends to sleep with her Hounds. All of them. At once. While they are in their beast form. While most believe that to be vicious slander, it does fit her character, and the Pack is remarkably loyal to her.
  • A lot of guys in Night Watch and Safe Harbor Society moonlight the town hunting for things and creatures that go bump in the night. And they ain't too picky about proofs or due process either.
  • Something is really wrong with the area around Arthur’s seat. Some say that it is too close to Hedge, others — that it is cursed by ancient Gentry, but either way, bad things tend to happen to those that spend too much time there, and no one ever would want to cross to the actual Hedge there.
  • They say that Jenny Green drowns some of her lovers, either out of jealousy or when she is bored with them.
  • Some believe that the Rat King is in fact not a single changeling, but a group, bound by oaths into the single creature, much like their namesake is bound by tails.
  • Nobody should leave home on Samain. People get lost, sometimes to return changed, especially children. Some believe this to be a rumor started by some old Scarecrow, but others dare to whisper of ancient pacts that give True Fae free reign through this city on these nights. Still others say that ancient Changelings perform forbidden rites to keep the Gentry away from Highlands.
  • Dont talk to that ginger fox-type guy. He conned more men than he himself would be bothered to count, and he would gladly con you out of your last buck if you as much as catch his eye. He gets in trouble sometimes for those things of course, but he always manages to get out of it with some crazy stunt or other. Mind my words, one of these days he will go to far, and no one will shed a single tear.

Tome of Mysteries — dots and powers
Это более «мастерская» часть. Предыдущее предполагалось как вводная для игроков, а то что ниже предполагалось как заметки мастера, поэтому частично дублирует то что уже было и написанно куда как менее читаемым образом.

  • Myriddin – Local Merlin (Akanthus, Silver Ladder)
    He is a lean, sinewy man who bears a look of bitterness and age that betray his youthful visage.
    Some time ago he looked to far into the future, and has seen when and how he will die, and knows he cannot avoid it.
    He has desperation of dead man and uses it with ruthlessness and abandon to achieve power and make anyone who he is jealous of suffer.
    Gnosis 5
    Fate 5, Death 2, Spirit 2, Time 4, Prime 3, Life 2, Space 4, Mind 3
  • Herne – Predator supreme (Thyrsus, Adamantine Arrow)
    He is a predator supreme, turning himself into the perfect weapon. His flesh is covered with spirit-infested tatoos, his nails are dedicated claws. He seeks to turn into the perfect machine of war and hunt.
    He owns the Wild Hunt hunting club, where Adamantine Arrow trains and hunts.
    Gnosis 5
    Life 5, Spirit 4, Forces 3, Prime 3
  • Rakdos — Evil Burecraumancer. (Acanthus, Tremere?, Silver Ladder)
    A lanky svelte man in impeccable suit he always seems to be in the right place to do what name-of-Hierarch wont bother to do.
    He is also the main antagonist and Mage of quite significant power.
    Gnosis 4 (7 when he goes all-out with the power of the Abyss)
    Life 3, Time 2, Fate 3, Prime 1/Prime 5, Forces 3, Mind 4
  • Laina — Lady Lancelot (Obrimos, Adamantine Arrow)
    Herne’s student she was sold to name-of-Hierarch for a year and a day of servitude. Strength of her spirit is only matched by her honor. She survives the cruelty of her master, yet she cannot betray the contract.
    Gnosis 3
    Forces 3, Life 3, Mind 1, Space 1, Spirit 1, Death 1.
  • The Judgment Cabal oversees matters of justice in the city. They are judges, sheriffs and executioners, their power allowing to command smaller magi and summon the courts. While they have no power ton pronounce verdicts and issue punishments, their clout is significant, and no one wants to cross them.They are also usually available as seconds and referees in magical duels.
  • Aeacus – The Executioner (Moros, Silver Ladder)
    He is a large man who always wears a mask with no identifying features but the Atlantean glyph for „Justice” and carries a long silk rope as a tool of his office.
    It is customary to never speak directly to him, or acknowledge his presence.
    Gnosis ??
    Death 3, Prime 1, Life 1, ????
  • Minos – A spiderhound of the Law (Mastigos, Silver Ladder)
    A lean and short man, always shifting and moving, he possesses a sharp eye and smooth voice. He sees everything, and notices all. It is his job to deliver judgments, oversee punishments, notice failings and crimes and to drag those who crossed the Lex Magica, kicking and screaming to be judged and punished.
    No one can truly remember his face or his name.
    Gnosis 4
    Prime 3, Mind 4, Space 3, Spirit 1, Death 1
    Occultation 3
  • Rhadamanthus – The Lictor (Moros, Silver Ladder)
    Covered by wide black robe with deep hood, no one has seen his face.
    He pronounces judgments and accusations, and quotes Lex Magica, summoning ghost and spirits as counsel and witnesses.
    Gnosis 4
    Death 4, Spirit 3, Prime 3, Mind 1
Guardians of the Ghetto
  • A small cabal of Mastigos and Obrimos of Mysterium and Silver Ladder, whose power stems from the library and a Golem they inherited.

Театр Теней
Начинающие актеры, экзотические танцоры, нео-додо художники, постмодернисткие режиссёры, марионеточники, неудавшиеся театральные критики и сценаристы, — не все они люди Искусства, но все — люди искусства, или таковыми себя считают. Кабал, собирающийся в небольшом театре\клубе\ресторане\забегаловке\галерее, куда затекает слабый ручеек уставших от ярких красок города туристов и местных эстетов, состоит из Пробужденных в лучшем случае на пятнадцать процентов. Однако все его участники — единомышленники, которых связывает между собой не только отчуждение, непонимание и высокомерие, с которым смотрят на них и оккультное, и мунданное общество. Они вместе потому, что хотят быть вместе. Да, для многих из них это последнее место, куда они могут пойти, да, в театральной среде не возможно обойтись без ссор и скандалов. Но Театр Теней — один из самых многочисленных, неформальных и дружественных к своим адептам Кабалов в Эдинбурге. Объедененные вокруг метаидеи связи искусства и Искусства, маги Театра вырезают живых марионеток, создают загадочные маски, передающие носителям свойства персонажей, и навсегда меняют души людей своей музыкой. Спящие адепты помогают проводить ритуалы, скурпулезно вписанные в театральные постановки, обеспечивают своих коллег свежими идеями, поддерживают театр на плаву и надеются сами рано или поздно познать Пробуждение на Сцене.

Free Council
Based in Napier Uni, to keep away from name-of-Hierarch. Katja and Donald Donlan work on linguistic and semantic analysis of High Speech, as well as trying t incorporate it as a Supernal programming language.
They sometimes hold lectures and seminars on theory of computation and magic, which has allowed them to capture a couple of knowledge-hungry students, and their daughter Kate, while is not a mage herself, shows some unusual techno-canniness.
(тут можно будет их использовать для стыковки с Братством Прометея из HtV)

Doyle — A failed Magician (Мастигос, Мистериум)
Хороший теоретик, но никудышный практик, Дойл пытается через упорство и труд построить себе лестницу в Высшие Миры.
Его магазин помимо комиксов и ролевой фигни приторговывает более распространенными магическими ингридиентами и книгами, и его ресерч вполне котируется среди остальных магов, пусть даже сам Дойл имеет очень ограниченное влияние.
У него есть небольшой “культ” последователей, большинство из которых не имеют ни грана таланта (кроме двух потенциалов — Ланса и Верна), и когда-то у него был ученик — Немо
Гнозис 2
Дух 3, Время 2, Судьба 1, Прайм 1.

Nemo/Omen — Rebellious Punk of a Magician.
Фантастически талантливый но нетерпеливый и гордый ученик Дойла, он хотел больше чем мог дать его учитель. В какой-то момент он вдрызг рассорился с Дойлом, и пропал в ходе одного из своих поспешных и плохо продуманных магических экспериментов.
Может ВНЕЗАПНО объявится чтобы быть одновременно помощью и огромной болью в заднице для ПЦ, например в 4м Эпизоде.
Гнозис 4
Дух 2, Силы 3, Материя 3, Судьба 4.
Низкий Виздом

Margaret – Queen of Autumn (Fairest, Autumn)
Hauntingly beautiful, black-eyed, black-haired porcelain-skinned changeling.
She is exceedingly capable at sorcery, leading people, organizing things and scaring the ever-loving fuck out of you.
She tolerates no fools, and utterly believes that she is the only one fit to lead, even to the point of usurping the throne and suspending the cycle of seasons.
Wyrd 6,
Eternal Autumn 5, Elements (Water) 4, Elements (Air) 3, Darkness 4, Dreams 5
Гончая Свора – Собаки Королевы (Hunterheart, Autumn)
Группа Hunterheart-Бист-подменышей cлужащей Маргарет, в качестве телохранителей, энфорсеров и полиции. можно еще заявить слух что они ее любовники, все вместе и по очереди for that extra «squick» factor
Jenny Green – Homecoming Queen (Elemental, Spring)
A beautiful girl with long green hair, and legs that seem to go on forever. She holds high profile clubs and parties on a yacht collecting strings of lovers and drowning them when they bore her. She has a clique of hangers-on, and generally plays “high school queen bitch” stereotype.
Contracts: Eternal Spring •••; Fleeting Spring •••••; Hearth •••;
May Liz – Willing Sub (Mannequin, Spring)
She did not get out of Arcadia; she was thrown out – an old and broken doll, a plaything needing a firm punishing hand of a Master. Yet she is not entirely without her will or her wit. She hears what is said around her, and hell shalt have no fury like a slave abandoned.
Wyrd 3
Clarity: 2
Eternal Spring 2, Mirrors 3
Order of Shield and Sword
За дикие деньги один из товарищей Ордена клянется день и год охранять нанимателя даже ценой своей жизни, молчать о его секретах и выполнять все его приказы. Плюс товарищи имеют Токен позволяющий им принимать на себя раны патрона.В ордене может состоять пять- десять подменышей разных китов и дворов.

Information Agency
Несколько Подменышей которые прицельно занимаются околодетективной деятельностью — поиском людей, вещей, преступников или информации. Технически они не союзини и местами друг друга не любят, но вращаясь в одних и тех же кругах как минимум знакомы и иногда сотрудничают.

Эбнезар “Эбони” Скин ( Бродбэк-слон, Зимний(фракция крысы))
Довольно пацифистичный здоровый товарищ, который занимается старым-добрым детективизмом на улице, находя в основном потерянных людей и вещи.
Чернокожий, гигант, вегетарианец, может индуист?
Рено “Лис” Арден (Ридлсикер, Весенний)
Социальная инжинерия и махинации, крутит свои комбинации так же часто как работает на клиентов. Burn-notice стиль, вытаскивание людей и мелкие компании из щекотливых ситуаций.
Рыжий и наглый.
Айзек “Айс” Ингерберг (Артист/Инвентор, Зимний (фракция Крысы))
Компьютерный специалист. Занимается сбором информации, подслушиванием, фотографиями и прочим сугубо информационным детективизмом. Он же может сбацать более или менее приличный набор документов
Какой-нить летний чувак с большими пушками и черными очками (Элементаль, Летний, фракция Артура)
Артур и Кей(н) (Летний, Драконик и Фетч соответственно, будут менять имена)
Артур был любимцем своего Кипера и ему не пришлось бежать – Кипер просто его отпустил когда Артур ему наскучил. Эгоцентричный и взбаламошенный, полный ярости и духа приключений, Артур был принят Летним Двором, и его Мантия быстро росла – в отличии от самого вечно юного мальчика-короля.
Рост его влияния и его хорошие отношения с фетчем определили его судьбу – Маргарет сумела убедить остальных в том что Артур лоялист или может им стать в любую минут и сам Артур был изгнан, почти десять лет назад, связанный клятвой.
Десять лет обид и изгнания, а так же шутка которой является вечное детство сделали Артура грубым и иногда жестоким, но одновременно наделили его опытом и навыками непропорциональными его юному виду.
Вирд 5
Вечное Лето 5, Камень 2, Элементы (огонь) 4, гоблин-контракты по вкусу.
Марк Олдмэн — Lost Boy Found (Плэймэйт, Весна)
Экс-потерянный мальчик, ныне — уважаемый Подменыш Весеннего двора на закате своих лет.
Финансирует сиротские дома и приюты.
Вирд 4
Проходящая Вена 4, Вечная Весна 3, Очаг 2, Сны 3

Селена Стибинте (Зима, Огненный Элементаль)
Cвязь между ней и Катей Донлан.
Джеймс Оркни, Мордред – искусственный постер-бой Морганы для конроля Лета, два метра мускульной массы закованной в латы снаружи, и трусливый ублюдок готовый бежать к мамочке при первой проблеме внутри.

Трейнспоттеры (Весна, misc)
Почти случайно, но неизбежно, посоянно сбивающаяся вместе кучка людей, объединенных общей травмой и страхом, и погруженные из-за этого в нигилизм, агрессию и героиновую наркоманию.

DCI Sid Routman – Detective In Denial (13thPrecinct, 86)
Sid is a 63-year-old, non-practicing Jew-ish man with black-and-gray hair and a slightly receding hairline. He’s just under six feet tall and fairly healthy, though age and good cooking are finally starting to catch up to him. He almost invariably wears one of his several identical brown suits except to funerals, when he wears a blue suit. While at the office, he often ditches his suit coat for a cardigan, as he often complains of how cold the detective’s offices are in winter.
Peter Pan – Fayry outcast
Его вышибли из Аркадии за то что он влюбился в Венди. Где-то три месяца подростковой любви спустя, она его забыла, тем более что родители аккуратно пресекли ее знакомство с неизвестным мальчиком с улицы.
Еще один вечный ребенок, злой, голодный бродяга, готовый на убийство ради пары удобных сапог и на любую сделку чтобы вернуться домой и завоевать Неверневер, он обитает в самых темных и грязных аллеях, прячась равно от смертных и бессмертных и глуша свои проблемы метиловым спиртом.
Ryan Duffy – Dead Man Hunting (Antagonists, 64)

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А засилье английского текста — это концепт или просто копипаста?
Я почти всегда пишу сколько-то художественные тексты на английском, или англо-русском суржике. Когда я пишу по-русски у меня получается куда как более убого, да и термины переводить нужно, а это всегда хитрая задача.
Русские куски это скорее всего те вещи которые писал Зохри напрямую, а я просто скопировал, или те вещи которые я копировал из наших с ним дискуссий.
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