Houses of the Blooded и аспекты регионов.

При перечтении сабжа пришёл в голову один интересный хак, а второй отрылся в интернете во время поиска инфы по первому. 1. Что если у каждой провинции есть свой аспект (один или несколько), который влияет на все действия в этом регионе (то есть его можно тегать при нахождении там противника, апрейзить для себя (вроде попытки прокрасться в тёмном лесу) или компелить для противника (вроде "ты заблудился в этом лесу"). Чтобы узнать об аспекте игрок может провести чек вайза или дополнительно обследовать регион. Чтобы узнать - что же в регионе у соседа - можно отправить туда шпионов, либо опять таки вайз чек ("я узнал, что в этом регионе очень бурные реки"). Кто первый "узнаёт" - тому и авторство в руки, а последующие игроки просто получают доступ к этой инфе. 2. In Houses of the Blooded, each Season, every Region in play has a chance of experiencing Trouble. If Troubled, a Region is basically useless; further, if any Regions in a Province (a collection of up to ten Regions) are Troubled, all other Regions in that Province become more likely to be Troubled. Resolving Trouble is a Season Action. No roll or anything; just, take a Season Action, trouble clears up. This seems... sub-optimal, to me. As it begs the question of 'What is Trouble', and 'Can I inflict it on my neighbors'. Also 'How the hell does my poncy foppish Baron resolve Trouble with the same ease as my nail chewing Master of the Road'? So, pondering different sources of Trouble, and high level (IE, in a single roll). Although a Story may be made out of inciting or resolving Trouble, that's outside the scope of Season Actions. Ideally, I'd hope for 6 Troubles, one tied to a roll for each Virtue. To that end... 1. Bandits. A group of Bandits has taken over the Region. Eliminating this Trouble requires a contested Prowess risk, with the Bandits rolling dice equal to the Trouble dice of the region +1. 2. Discontent. A rumor of discontent is winding through the serfs of the Region, causing them to work less effectively and mutter rebellion into their beer. Simply stringing up the rabble rousers only makes things worse. You must convince the people to resume their proper service, which requires a contested Beauty risk. Urban Regions roll their Rank in dice, Rural regions roll 2d. 3. Plague. A disease has begun to lay your people low. You may use an Herbs resource to produce medicines that will cure the Region, or else you may make a contested Wisdom roll. Urban regions roll their Rank in dice, Rural regions roll their Trouble dice +1. 4. Orks. Orks provoke true Terror in the Ven, as do nothing else- and now several have invaded the Region. Dispatching them will require both Prowess and Courage; you must succeed at a Courage Risk, and then a Contested Prowess Risk. The Orks roll 4d; remember you can keep Courage wagers.
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