Iain M. Banks

Возможно все уже в курсе, но.
Великолепный писатель, могучий фантазер и прекрасный человек Иэн Бэнкс опубликовал позавчера новость о том что он смертельно болен.
Ему диагностировали рак 4-й стадии и прогнозируют считанные месяцы жизни.

Здесь можно выразить ему свое почтение и попрощаться.

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If there are any aliens with advanced medical technology thinking about making first contact, might I suggest that now would be a good time?

I was in the same situation with my wife (back pains during pregnancy), and «a couple of months» turned into almost two years.
I hope he has a good single malt with him on the way out.
Speaking as an engineer, I am so terribly sorry my colleagues and I don’t measure up to the dizzying standard your ideas have set. Yet. We will, one day. You definitely persuaded me of that much.
Your books taught me that we should never pigeonhole anyone into one stereotype or genre, to always be kind and respectful to my fellow man, and that humanity would be better off ruled by immortal, godlike robot intelligence.

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