Икома Йорико

Знакомьтесь, новое увлечение Кимико :) Акодо Тотури в юбке :) Прекрасная Акодо Буши пятого ранга, вооот с таким хонором и обетом безбрачия плюс ко всему. [img]http://imaginaria.ru/se/file/pic/photo/2011/12/the13-ikoma-yoriko_500.jpg[/img] Собственно, ее описание из плеерс гайда (Досье Шигеко - это досье на всех жителей города, подготовленное пред-предыдущим Изумрудным Магистратом Матсу Шигеко, а Записки пожирательницы опиума - выдержки из дневника Феникса наркоманки): [quote]IKOMA YORlKO SHIGEKO’S DOSSIER: Ikoma Yoriko is a Lion samurai-ko in the truest sense of the word. She has taken strict vows and follows them with complete rigor. I have never known her to deceive, dissemble, or do anything other than offer complete co-operation to those of higher station. It is, perhaps, her very honor which worries me. Perhaps it is a measure of how weary this corrupt city has made me; but I know that those of little honor consider devotees of bushido to be gullible pawns - easily led by our strong duty to what is right and wrong. So far, this young woman has managed to avoid being ensnared by the machinations of evil men. I am afraid for her, though. As a magistrate I know better than most that the purest blossom attracts the most venomous insects. “MEMORIES OF AN OPIUM EATER: Twentieth Year in the Reign of Hantei XXXVIII, Twenty First Day, Month of the Tiger How embarrassing! I woke up today in my home, with no idea how I got here! Last night I went to a celebration of Ide Michikane’s birthday, where I fear I indulged far too much in sake and opium. I know it’s not good for me, but I feel so bored ... no, lonesome at gatherings where everyone is drinking but me. So I have a drink. And that loosens my mind until a second drink seems reasonable. After a second drink, opium becomes appealing. I remember that progression from last night - but after that is just a blank. However, my servant told me that a letter was left with me by the woman who left me here. The letter simply said “You must be very sad to wish to lose yourself so. I wish I could help you with your sorrow.” It was signed with Ikoma Yoriko’s chop. I’m filled with shame. Yoriko is as high above me as the clouds are above the bottom of the ocean. Not only is she of high station, and beautiful, but it is widely held that her honor is above reproach. Her samurai-ko vows include an oath of celibacy. I’ve heard that many men have tested her - the rumors say Bayushi Korechika (P5) and Shinjo Sanefusa (P12) have both made advances, and been rebuffed. From now on, I am going to take her as my standard. She is only a few years older than me. Like me, she lives by herself, far from ancestral lands, in a city with few people from her clan. If she can live a life of such exceptional virtue, then I can surely avoid drunkenness and opium, and lead a life of normal virtue at least.[/quote]
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