"Повторение - мать учения!"

[img]http://imaginaria.ru/se/file/attachment/2011/07/3f8fd9dcef5355f401d70294dcacba61_thumb.jpg[/img] Ларс фон Триер, между тем, слегка подраскрыл свои секреты мастерства, которые усилиями когорты славных "интернет-воителей королевства Фордж" и им сочувствующих уже почти что серкеты Полишинеля. [quote] »It was the same thing with 'Titanic',« he says as he assumes his favourite interview pose, lying on the faded green cushions on his exuberant couch, arms flung over his head. »When they board the ship, you just know: aw, something with an iceberg will probably turn up. And it is my thesis that most films are like that, really.« »In a James Bond movie we expect the hero to survive. It can get exciting nonetheless. And some things may be thrilling precisely because we know what's going to happen, but not how they will happen. In 'Melancholia' it's interesting to see how the characters we follow react as the planet approaches Earth.«[/quote]
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