Rocket Age Corebook

Вот такое прекрасное можно увидеть, листая корбук


Date Event
1931 First Rocket Ship, the Eaglelaunched.
Based on Ancient Martian designs, Tesla
invents the RAY gun.
The Tesla-Armstrong Lunar Expedition
shows that there is little of interest on
Earth’s closest neighbor.
First Earthling expeditions to Mars from
Germany, France, the UK, and the
USA. The Italians soon follow, as do the
Battle of Hasten Wells, beginning of
American Conquest of Mars.
1934 First exploration of Venus.
Mercury flyby conducted by Dr. Preston
Scott, his report dissuades others from
bothering with the rocky ball.
First expeditions to the Asteroid Belt reveal
a wealth of minerals.
The Lewis and Clarkincident brings
Germany and the USA to the brink of war.
1935 Gold and Radium found on Venus.
The Ebb Revolution brings Communism to
Issuing of the Europan Ultimatum banning
Earthlings from the Jovian System and the
Far Planets.
Destruction of the HMRS James Cookby
Europan disintegrators.
1937 Suspension of the Europan Ultimatum.
Expeditions to Saturn, Uranus, and
Neptune map some of the Outer Planets.
Exploration of the Jovian System begins,
first clandestine airship battle in the upper
reaches of Jupiter’s Atmosphere.
1937 Founding of the Lodge on Venus.
1937 Ganymede Gold Rush begins.
Einstein and his trans-relativistic rocket ship
1938 Present Date

The capital of Nazi Mars, Neu-Berlin is considered to be a
model of Ar yan efficiency and ingenuity. Needless to say,
Nazis run ever y aspect of this principality, but Martians do
most of the hard labor. The fields are abundant and well fed
by wells and canals, and under the brutal lash of overseers,
the field slaves (of ever y caste, not just the Julandri) toil
endlessly. Germans largely operate the factories, though
any particularly dangerous or unpleasant task is handed
over to the Martian slave battalions. Ever y Earthling citizen
has at least one household slave, and often two or more.
The streets are clean, the utilities flow freely, and there
is not even the hint of unrest. Visitors are often amazed at
how smoothly things function – if, that is, they are willing
to ignore the oppressed and brutalized masses that allow
for such a high standard of living.

Once the shining jewel of the G'Hascar Triangle, Uvalon is
now the worker's paradise of Mars, or at least that is what
the propaganda says. Officially, the caste system has been
abolished, though it still exists socially. The principality
is governed by a series of collectives that answer to the
Central Collective, though all these bodies are dominated
by Soviet ‘advisors’. These advisors are supposed to be
temporar y and exist only to help their Martian brothers and
sisters make the transition from an autocratic monarchy to
a Communist state. However, the advisors have full voting
rights in the decisions of the collectives, and in the case of
the Central Collective, the chairman and all the important
committee heads are Earthlings.
Despite this obvious usurpation of the revolution, the
natives of Uvalon are generally happy. For many it is
business as usual, though with the Soviets as the dominant
caste and the collectives replacing the Silthuri. This has
caused a great deal of difficulty for the more ideologically
motivated Soviets who see the continued adherence to an
archaic system as counter-revolutionar y. Thankfully, at
least for the native Martians, the chairman of the Uvalon
Central Collective, Nikita Khrushchev, is more interested
in seeing that the principality remains stable, quiet, and
most of all, productive.

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Я бы сказал, что в этом таймлайне недостаточно СССР и вообще русских. Только одна революция на Марсе.
А что про русских писать. Они где-то там, на краю земли, в ушанках на хвостах висят. Для Европейца это не интересно :)
Там Амеры и Наци в основном да амазонки с венеры и пальпа вагон с инопланетянами на юпитере
В сурсе про Марс детальнее все написано, но его у меня пока нет
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