Вампиризм в Eclipse Phase

Первоапрельская шутка с форума Eclipse Phase. Довольно мило, если это слово применимо к пост-апокалиптическому трансгуманистическому ужасу.
Подробности — под катом.

Vampirism in Eclipse Phase

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Vampirism in the Eclipse Phase universe is caused by the Wampir strain of the exsurgent virus. Ingesting more than 50 cc's of vampire blood is sufficient to spread the infection. Characters may attempt a single Somatics test. Failure indicates that the morph will transform into a vampire over the next 24 hours.
Like many strains of the exsurgent virus, Wampir alters the character's ego, as well. Characters resleeved after contracting vampirism remain physically unchanged but are treated as having a Level 2 Addiction to blood and continue to possess any mental disorders gained along with vampirism.
Synth morphs can't become infected, but pod morphs can. A vampiric ego sleeved into a synth morph or infomorph must make a WILx2 roll each week or take 1d10 stress.
Curiously, the simulspace illusion of drinking blood is enough to somewhat curb the cravings of a vampiric ego sleeved into a non-vampiric morph. Vampires who spend an hour engaging in a simulspace blood orgy are treated as suffering only the penalties of a Level 1 Addiction.

Effects of Vampirism
All vampires gain the following characteristics:
Vampiric Durability. The vampire is a half-dead husk sustained by swarms of nanites able to rapidly repair physical damage and maintain structural integrity. The standard Durability for the vampire's morph type is doubled, and the morph is treated as a synth for purposes of determining its Death Rating.
No Metabolism. Similar to the Clean Metabolism augmentation, but the vampire produces no metabolic byproduct whatsoever. Vampires don't breathe, eat, or require sleep; may survive indefinitely in vacuum; and take only half of the usual damage from ionizing radiation. Vampires are immune to toxins, diseases, bioagents, and electrical stun damage. They are fully susceptible to nanoswarms, async sleights, plasma weapons, and thermobaric warheads.
Psi. Although Wampir is an altogether different strain of the exsurgent virus from Watts-MacLeod, those infected are considered asyncs and may purchase psi sleights. Powerful NPC vampires may, at the GM's discretion, have exsurgent psi powers.
Physical Superiority. Vampires gain +10 to SOM and REF aptitudes. These bonuses may take the vampire over the morph's normal aptitude maximum.
Neuro-Atypical. Vampires have difficulty with social interactions. Most frequently, this expresses as borderline to complete sociopathy. The GM is encouraged to regularly call for WILx2 rolls for a vampire to suppress the desire to feed, torture, kill, or engage in sex acts.
Insane. Along with Addiction Level 2 to blood, all vampires must take at least one mental disorder.
Sparkly. Vampires' skin sparkles slightly from the specialized nanites sustaining their half-death.
Fangs. Vampires can bite for 1d10-5 DV + SOM bonus.
Dress Code. All vampires must define a dress code (romantic, goth lolita, transhuman Abercrombie) from which they must not deviate. If forced to wear other attire, they suffer the affects of a Level 1 Addiction penalty until they find attire befitting their chosen style.
Vampiric Traits
The following traits are available only to vampires.

-10 CP
If the vampire's sociopathic urges are foiled, they must succeed in a WILx3 test or go into a blind, uncontrollable battle rage until the object of their ire is destroyed, utterly destroyed!

-15 CP
Although the vampire is a sociopathic blood killer, it also has feelings — deep, sad feelings. The vampire will speak frequently of its deep feelings as if it had the Megalomania disorder. It may behave as if it temporarily has the Berserker trait (see above) if one of its soliloquies is interrupted.

Kettle of Blood
20 CP
The vampire can inject a stream of nanites that emit microwave radiation, causing the target's blood to boil, because physics! The target dies, no save.

Drop the Bomb
15 CP
The vampire may choose to roll a d8 or a d12 in place of a d10 for the tens die in physical combat.

Insanely Clean
5 CP
The vampire always looks immaculately hygienic despite being a nanotechnology-animated dead husk due to a combination of non-porosity, hydrophobic skin traits, and constant cleaning by Nantes (see, «Sparkly,» above). For another 5 CP, their hair is always perfect, too.

-5 CP
The vampire's muse has both been uplifted to sentience and driven insane by its master's transformation. The muse has standard muse statistics but behaves as if it had a mental disorder of its own, probably one that compliments the vampire's.

Sixty Grades of Lay
10 CP
The vampire is incredibly seductive, even if completely ineloquent and socially maladroit. The vampire gains +10 to Deception, Kinesics, and Persuasion tests during an attempted seduction. Raise this bonus to +30 if the target is insecure or has issues with food.


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А вот я бы хотел увидеть адекватно оцифрованного вампира из Blindsight. Только они слишком суперлюди для участия в смешанной партии :(
А вот я бы хотел увидеть адекватно оцифрованного вампира из Blindsight.
По какой системе?
Только они слишком суперлюди для участия в смешанной партии
Это в Блайндсайте трансхуманы слишком недосуперлюди. =)
По какой системе?

А по каким у тебя есть?
Ни по каким. По загенерить ГУРПСе можно, если мне напомнят трейты тварюшки, помимо слабости, высоких атрибутов, и, возможно, ETS. По любой абстрактной системе — тоже не проблема.

Я еще подозреваю, что illotum имел в виду оригинальную эклипсфазную механику, ну и там статблок написать — не челлендж. В том числе и играбельный — из одного биоморфа и одного бэкграунда для эго.
Поскольку Блайндсайт пока не читал, не могу ничего сказать об адаптации тамошних вампиров под ЭФ.
Если всерьез рассматривать идею вампироподобного существа для фазы, я вижу два более-менее адекватных варианта — инхуманы и экссургенты (но не настолько трэшовые, как в посте).
Твоя правда, люди там недокачаны %)
Я ЭФ имел в виду, да. Но эт был wishful thinking наверное, как отыгрывать нечеловеческую психику все равно не понятно :\
Вроде бы поведение описано, пробелы можно воображением заполнить — на то нам и воображение. В чем проблема?
Мне нравится твой оптимизм :)
Может быть и нет проблемы. Меня настораживает чуждое нашему мышление. Слишком тщательно описано как оно нам чуждое, в чем лучше и в чем не очень. Для фантастики в общем то ок, но для тех кто помнит книгу, игра по поведенческим признакам может показаться полумерой.
Не игра по признакам. Нет ничего хуже такого подхода. =)
Реконструкция модели по признакам, а игра уже по модели.
Сдаюсь, сдаюсь :)
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