Unconquerable Green Sun

Еще одна старая запись, которую я сделал после прочтения Manual of Exalted Power: Infernals.
Меня тогда очень впечатлила система с Чармсетами Йози, и я подумал — а как бы выглядел Чармсет Непобедимого Солнца если бы он был Примодиалом а не Богом?

The Unconquered Sun is the defender of Creation and it's people, a paragon of Virtues. He is unshakable in the face of danger and cannot be intimidated or coerced. He is the ruler of the Gods and mortals, leading and protecting them, and judging them with fairness and mercy.
In his role as a warrior and general he is straightforward and inspiring, always marching in the front line to meet the danger. On the battlefield he uses a proportional and necessary strength to defeat the enemy and revels in the challenge rather than running from it.
When times of peace come, he becomes a great master, creating lasting works of beauty and forging order from chaos.

Excellencies of Uncinquered Sun can be used to fight the enemies of Creation, protect the innocent and helpless, help allies, compete in a fair challenge and to create a lasting and durable things and solutions. Only actions that are straightforward and directly lead to the goal may be supplemented by this Excellency.


Дерево 1
Окс Боди -> Дурабилити оф Оук -> Righteous Lion Defence -> Iron Skin Concentration
    I                                                           I
Strength Increasing Excercise  -> Sun King Radiance -> Heroism Encouraging Presence
        I                                                             \                                                       
Armor Shattering Strike - Order-Affirming Blow             Respect Commanding Attitude -> General of the Ideal Clstial Army
Spell-Shattering Palm

Ox Body      Excellency -> Object-Strenghening Touch    -> Durability Enhancing Technique -> Wild Cauldron Technology
          \         /                                                                  \
One Weapon - Two Blows -> Heavenly Grdn Dfnc                                     Wound-Mending Care Technique
Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgement

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