Результаты Origins

[b]Traditional Card Game[/b] Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer Back to the Future Hecho Hex Hex XL Railways of the World the Card Game [b]WINNER: Back to the Future[/b] [b]Family, Children’s, or Party Game [/b]Ligretto Dice Telestrations Wits & Wagers Family Edition Word on the Street Junior Zombie Dice [b]WINNER: Zombie Dice[/b] [b]Best Hobby Game Accessory [/b]Color Primer: Dragon Red Adventurers Tiles Battlefield XP Swamp Tufts Cthulhu Dice Bag Battletech Hex Pack [b]WINNER: Cthulhu Dice Bag [/b] [b]Best Gaming Publication [/b]No Quarter Magazine Hamlet’s Hit Points Family Games: The 100 Best Shadowrun: Spells and Chrome World at War Revelation [b]WINNER: Shadowrun: Spells and Chrome [/b] [b]Best Roleplaying Game [/b]DC Adventures Dragon Age Dresden Files Fiasco Gamma World [b]WINNER: Dresden Files [/b] [b]Best Roleplaying Game Supplement [/b]A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide Dresden Files: Our World Advanced Player’s Guide for Pathfinder Shadowrun Sixth World Almanac Sunward: The Inner System [b]WINNER: Dresden Files: Our World [/b] [b]Best Miniature Rules [/b]Adventures in the Lost Lands Battletech Technical Readouts DC Heroclix Blackest Night Starter Kit Hordes: Primal Mk 2 Mercs Games Rules [b]WINNER: DC Heroclix Blackest Night Starter Kit [/b] [b]Best Historical Board Game [/b]Warlords of Europe Conflict of Heroes: Price of Honor Poland 1939 Catan History: Settlers of America Trails to Rails Panzer General: Allied Assault [b]WINNER: Catan History [/b] [b]The Hall of Fame [/b]Alex Randolph, Twixt Erick Wujcik, Amber Diceless Roleplaying Sid Sackson, Acquire [b]Best Play by Mail or Play by Email Game [/b]Fate of a Nation Cruenti Dei The One Ring (A Legends Module) Battle of the Five Armies Heldenwelt [b]WINNER: The One Ring [/b] [b]Best Board Game [/b]Castle Ravenloft Defenders of the Realm Fresco Lords of Vegas Nuns on the Run [b]WINNER: Castle Ravenloft[/b]
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