Stone of Controversy

Еще одно продолжение топика о чернокнижниках-трансценденталистах:

Somewhere in the middle of the Lady's Ward there's courtyard open from the streets which belongs to the the strange sect known simply as «Warlocks». From time to time you can witness here alfresco expositions from entire multiverse: bizzare looking orreries, burial scenes, history of scroll scibings and much more. Sometimes yard seems deserted, sometimes — crowded like Great Bazaar, but it's constantly guarded by oriental-looking hostess, who can instantly appear out of nowhere and disappear in the same manner, when it needed.

Not much is known about sect activity or a building in the deep of courtyard, except it is closest analogue to headquarter, because, no one so far heard about Warlocks, having any influence inside or outside of Sigil. But there's something you could tell about sect philosophy just by looking at the stone, that marks entrance to the courtyard. First of all, the stone looks like tall seven-foot narrow pyramid with three sides. Looking from the street, you'll see list of quotes from various Sigil Factions, carved on it's surface. But, the second side will show you an answers from perspective of the Warlocks. Third edge remains blank for the most part, but you can find carving tools right next to the stone.

More than a clear invitation to write down some wisdom, but only a few bloods were able to do so in years: as song goes, Stone was made from raw stuff taken from Limbo and forged by best masons of Mechanus. Only those of godlike skill and will can bend or break the Stone of Controversy, unless they know it's dark. You can easily carve your wisdom onto the stone, if you both desired and suffered to claim that wisdom.

What we learned from Factions of Sigil:

«Memento Mori.» Dustmen «But don't become it's Thrall

«Everyone makes his own fate.» Fated «Definitely, we are alone in vastless abyss of posibility. Alone together

«Powers are not what they Seem.» Athar «As Everyone else...»

«One's only way to learn — through his Senses.» Society of Sensation «But what lies Beyond them?»

«Without proper Discipline there is no motion.» Harmonium «It is futile without Direction

«Insolence & ignorance will be Punished.» Mercykillers «But is it make the justice more Real

«Once built will Fall.» Doomguard «But Should it?»

«Change requires Destruction.» Revolutionary League. «Be ready to face a Consequences

«The Multiverse is Pointless – just give up.» Bleak Cabal «And miss all it's Fun

«Everything is being tested. Primes. Planars. Powers.» Believers of the Source «Everything. No exceptions

«Reality is no more real than Thought.» Sign of One «So what is the Thought then?»

«Once a person is in perfect Tune with the multiverse, then they understand everything.» Transcendent Order «And you do not Crave to know who pays the music?»

«All in the multiverse obeys the Law.» Fraternity of Order «Do you want to spend lifetime in Prison

«Don't fight the chaos – embrace it.» Xaositects «Sooner or later. One way or Another

"No one has The Answer to the multiverse." Free League "Yet."

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