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Одно время собирал из официального твиттера D&D разные штуки под тегом #D&D_Encounters (не факт, что правильно написал). Это описания ситуаций в 1-2 строчки для боя, которые дают различные небольшие эффекты. Решил просто вот сохранить и поделиться.

A misty wind blows across the balcony refracting the sunlight into a rainbow, invigorating you. PCs gain 2 temp HPs each round

Damp leaves swirl into the chamber, landing in the braziers. Clouds of smoke give creatures within 2 squares concealment.

A rumble deep below Dragontooth Hill shakes shakes the room. Creatures that miss with an attack fall prone

Loose stones from the ceiling fall into the pool. Squares within 2 of the pool are considered difficult terrain.

Shreds of spiderwebs catch on a breeze and flutter around your heads, clinging to your faces. PCs are -1 to hit lizardfolk.

A screeching roar in the near distance distracts your opponents. Lizardfolk grant combat advantage

The squelching soft earth underfoot slows your movement. Creatures suffer a -1 penalty to speed

Errant poison darts in the ground make movement dangerous. Creatures moving 4+ squares save at end of turn or take 3 poison damage

Fist-sized spiders scuttle around the clearing. All creatures grant combat advantage to the spiders

Brilliant sunlight glistens on the scales of the lizardfolk, highlighting vulnerable spots. Characters gain +1 to hit lizardfolk

Frogs rain down from the sky and cover the battlefield, making footing unsure. On a missed attack, creatures fall prone

Lightning strikes the dragonborn statues. Creatures ending their turns adjacent to a statue takes 5 lightning damage

Gather your will to fight! All heroes gain an action point that can only be used this session

The storm clouds break and the sun shines down. Once this session, heroes can gain 5 temporary hit points as a minor action

The spirits of long dead dragonborn warriors grant their blessing on you. Each hero recovers a healing surge

Heavy rainfall has soaked your cloths and armor making it slippery. Heroes gain a +2 bonus to attempts to escape a grab

The sun breaks through the clouds making a rainbow in the water dipping in from above. Characters gain a +2 bonus to saving throws.

Bahamut grants his divine power to the heroes in this fight against evil. Characters gain a +5 to Heal checks.

You find the strength to fight, despite the odds! Characters gain 3 temporary hit points when they miss with an attack.

The spirit of an ancient bullywug shaman emerges, blessing the heroes as they hop into action. They may shift 1 as a minor action.

A hungry displacer beast watches the battle from the cavern entrance. Enemies are unnerved & grant combat advantage

When you arrive at the front gate, cheers arise from the guards, boosting your spirits. Each hero gains 5 temporary hit points

The bright sunlight glistens upon the scales of your enemies, helping you pick out vulnerable areas. Heroes gain +1 to attack rolls

The lizardfolk recognize your group and are driven to kill. They take a -1 penalty to all defenses and deal +2 damage on attacks

Your heroic presence inspires the guards atop the walls. Guards adjacent to a hero gain a +2 on attacks

Thick fog roils on the ground outside the keep. Targets of single-target ranged attacks into or out of the area gain concealment

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A misty wind blows across the balcony refracting the sunlight into a rainbow, invigorating you. PCs gain 2 temp HPs each round

Feel the Rainbow!
Вот ещё б перевод…
Ой да ладно, там бери только игромеханику и не парься.
О. Синдром «все, по любому, знают английский, просто притворяются».
Впрочем, чего я удивляюсь, собсно. %)
Жалуется человек, который водит не вышедшие на русском языке Эзотеррористы и Постапокалипсис. :)
Вообще, обращай внимание на вторую часть предложений — если ты водишь 4-ку, используя билдер, то всё без проблем поймёшь.
который водит не вышедшие на русском языке Эзотеррористы и Постапокалипсис. :)
Грязно передёргиваете факты.
Вожу по тем кускам что вышли.

если ты водишь 4-ку, используя билдер
Не вожу, не намереваюсь. Но инструмент интересен флаффовым компонентом.
Хорошо, подумаю над переводом.
Там очень красочные слова — я так не умею, не возьмусь переводить.
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